(Online) Deployment of PHP-Apps with Docker

Following some great feedback from his recent talk at PHPUGFFM, we have invited Matthew Setter (@webdevwithmatt) to present his "Deployment of PHP-Apps with Docker" talk.


Building matching development and production environments - and any other environment for that matter - can often be a real challenge, which makes deploying PHP apps more difficult than it should be. But by using Docker Compose you can take a lot of the hassle away.

(Online) PHP and security with PHP South Africa

This month we have a joint meetup with PHP South Africa (, featuring two talks on PHP and security.


Talk 1: Tapiwa Maumbe

"Introducing ways to secure web application, covering server hardening, authentication, authorization, encryption (maybe POPIA), and other general security items. The focus is on web applications. I will end with my personal views on certain things."


Talk 2: Ismael Velasco

(Online) Code katas, and mob programming

This month we have talk from Michael Pritchard on this approach to code katas and refactoring code.


After the talk, we'll try something new and do some code katas as a group and put some of the techniques into practice!


Thank you to our sponsors:

- Lexis Nexis
- Twilio


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(Online) PHP 8, and Happy Developers

This month we have two talks from two guest speakers.

We're happy to have Christopher Miller (@ccmiller2018) back again to speak about PHP 8, and Matt Hunt about happy Developers and how organisations can foster the talent they have got and ultimately have a happy workforce.


What's new in PHP 8:

An exploration of PHP 8 with Developer Christopher Miller. Chris will be guiding everyone through the latest features and will be demonstrating how you can remain compliant and not break the PHP 7 support as much as possible.