(Online) "The Importance of Automated Testing: an Introduction" with Kat Reeve

For our March 2022 meetup, after a request during a past meetup, we'll be joined online by Kat Reeve for an introduction to automated testing.

We have space for a lightning talk if anyone wants to give a short talk on another PHP-related topic.

We will also have a prize to raffle during the event.



Kat will cover the basics of automated tests, how to get started and some highly opinionated suggestions on how your automated testing should run.


Thank you to our sponsors:

(Online) Deployment of PHP-Apps with Docker

Following some great feedback from his recent talk at PHPUGFFM, we have invited Matthew Setter (@webdevwithmatt) to present his "Deployment of PHP-Apps with Docker" talk.


Building matching development and production environments - and any other environment for that matter - can often be a real challenge, which makes deploying PHP apps more difficult than it should be. But by using Docker Compose you can take a lot of the hassle away.