Building a VS Code extension & Building a realtime dashboard powered by livewire

This month we have 2 talks lined up for you!

Our first speaker is a regular attendee at our user group, Jamie Callis (@O_JDesign) giving us a talk on Building a VS Code extension.

Our second speaker is everyones favourite Laravel Package developer, Freek Van der Herten (@freekmurze) giving us a talk on Building a realtime dashboard using Laravel and Livewire.


Journey of building Laravel’s first entity relationship (ER) diagram visual studio code extension.


Database Types & Design first APIs using Stoplight Studio

This month we have Mark Taylor (@willCodeForAle on twitter) Lead Architect at DealTrak, giving us a talk about all the different database types available to you as a PHP developer.

We also have Phil Sturgeon (@philsturgeon on twitter) Developer Relations at Stoplight and API guru, giving us a talk about how you can go design first for your APIs using Stoplight Studio and OpenAPI.


Different Types of Database: