Double-feature: Put Your Docker Image on a Diet & Docker mistakes

This month we have a double-feature all about docker!

First up we have Peter Fisher (PHP Developer, Teacher/Trainer and host of the ‘How to Code Well’ podcast and YouTube channel) giving us a longer, updated version of his ‘Put Your Docker Image on a Diet’ talk, talking to us about Docker and showing us how to use best practices within Docker to reduce the size of our images.

The original lightning talk from PHP South West is on their YouTube channel -

Coding Sessions

This month we are keeping it extremely light and holding our very first coding session.

If you are new to PHP or have a specific problem, or even if you just want to hang out - come along and grab a slice with us.

This event isn't limited to just PHP, we have an extremely talented and experienced community so whatever your poison it's welcome.

Lightning Sessions

At this months PHP South Wales we have a treat for you!;

4 x 20 minute talks on different topics!

Talk 1: Delivering the Six Nations using WordPress & JAMStack

Daniel Drave is the Build Team Leader at Sotic. As chief engineer of Sotic's front-end stack he talks about how they delivered this year's Six Nations website using their WordPress framework. He discusses the challenges of delivering a high-traffic, high-profile website and the technical considerations we as engineers should think about when providing performant, scalable technical solutions.

Practical Static Analysis

This month we have the pleasure of PHP South West organiser David Liddament coming this side of the bridge to give us an exciting talk all about Practical Static Analysis.

Practical Static Analysis

All developers know that bugs are bad and finding them can be difficult. The good news is tools to help us find and prevent bugs are becoming more powerful...