Web Security, Frameworks, HTTP Streams, Queues, Microservices and more!

This month we have Rob Wilson, senior PHP developer at Superdry, talking security. We also have the pleasure of Craig Marvelley, VP of Engineering at Bipsync, talking to us about Frameworks Microservices HTTP Streams Queues and more!

Rob Wilson's Talk:

Everyday, we are presented with news about a website, or service that has been "hacked". How can developers, and non-developers alike protect their applications and data from ending in such disasters?

Common mistakes are often made with applications that could lead the developer, and/or others to a security faux pas.

Interface segregation in PHP, Chatbots using PHP JavaScript and ChatScript

This month we have Dan Ackroyd giving his ExpoPHP talk on Interface segregation. Alongside Dan we have our regular Ismael Velasco, talking about Chatbots using PHP, JavaScript and ChatScript!

Using the Force (and ChatScript) to code high level chatbots:

What's the deal with chatbots: are they a passing fad or a trend to watch out for? What are the advantages and disadvantages of machine learning vs rule based systems? Is the Singularity gonna wipe us out tomorrow?

Scalable and Powerful: Zend Expressive

Come and join us for our next meetup where we will have Gary Hockin talk all about Zend Expressive:

Zend Expressive is a fully PSR-7 and 12 compliant middleware based micro-framework which you can hang Zend Framework components onto easily. Get started with Zend Expressive with this talk that will introduce you to the core concepts of middleware based frameworks, and the specifics of installing and developing an Expressive app. By the end of the session you'll have all you need to start developing a PSR complaint middleware based Expressive application.