Remote ElePHPants - Feature Flags and Text Editors

With the current COVID-19 situation, we're not able to meet face-to-face this month, so we're instead going to be doing a meetup via Zoom (loaned to us by Cal Evans and Day Camp for Developers).

As well as the talks from Michael and Ian, we have two digital copies of Matthias Noback's Object Design Style Guide book to raffle.

LIGHTNING TALK - My experience using PhpStorm after two years of VS Code, Michael Pritchard

A comparison of PhpStorm and VS Code.

SECOND TALK - Fun with Flags, Ian Jenkins

Ever wanted to release a feature without actually releasing it? Maybe to test it out in production, or to not hold back a deployment? This talk will go through what Feature Flags are, why you'll want to work with them on your next WordPress project, and how to do so effectively.

We’ll also touch on Continuous Delivery and how using Feature Flags can set you on the path of delivering with confidence

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