Building a VS Code extension & Building a realtime dashboard powered by livewire

This month we have 2 talks lined up for you!

Our first speaker is a regular attendee at our user group, Jamie Callis (@O_JDesign) giving us a talk on Building a VS Code extension.

Our second speaker is everyones favourite Laravel Package developer, Freek Van der Herten (@freekmurze) giving us a talk on Building a realtime dashboard using Laravel and Livewire.


Journey of building Laravel’s first entity relationship (ER) diagram visual studio code extension.


ER Diagrams already exist as generators which is great, but the process can be made a lot more user friendly. This talk is about my journey, decisions, and how I am going about building Laravel first ER Diagram visual studio code extension.

About Jamie:

Jamie has been a long time member of PHP South Wales, and this will be his first talk for us. He currently works as a Junior Developer for a local company called CashCalc, who are a financial planning and cashflow modelling software company. When he isn't writing code or joining in with the PHP South Wales community he is often found reading a book or 10.


Building a realtime dashboard powered by Laravel and Livewire


At Spatie we have a Laravel/Livewire powered dashboard that displays interesting data, such as statistics from GitHub, Twitter mentions, the up/down status of our sites, and much more. We've recently open sourced the dashboard, so everyone can use it.

In this talk, you'll learn how you can set up your own dashboard in no time. After that, we'll talk a dive under the hood and you'll learn how it works internally. Finally we'll take a look at the pros/cons that Livewire brings to the table compared to WebSockets.

About Freek:

Most people in the Laravel community know Freek, and even more of them have used some of the code he has written. Freek lives in Belgium and is a passionate PHP developer and Laravel enthusiast. He is a developer and co-owner of the digital agency Spatie, a Belgian digital agency with a big influence. With millions of downloads across hundreds of packages, Freek has solved more problems than most in the PHP world.


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