Online meetup: Xdebug, and Get Set Stop

This month we have another online meetup, with two new faces for PHP South Wales. We have a lightning talk from Marcos Rogers on Xdebug, and Zvonimir Spajic from the company Made with Love giving us a fantastic talk on getters and setters - and why he doesn't like them.

Get, Set ... STOP!


Wikipedia defines Cargo cult programming as "Ritual inclusion of code or program structures that serve no real purpose."
One behavior, deeply embedded into the hearts and minds of many software developers is the creation of getters and setter on entities. It' so widespread that IDEs have tools to do it automatically.
Why do we do it? Does it serve some purpose or is it just a cargo cult programming ritual?

About Zvonimir :

Zvonimir is a passionate software developer coming from Croatia but with current base in Berlin, Germany. Don't ask him anything in German yet though, he's still working on his sprachen-skills.

As a developer, he is highly interested in software architecture and ‘getting it right’. Outside work, he likes to keep his mind sharp and body strong by doing different recreational sports. Zvone enjoys reading a good book, listening to all sorts of music and chillin' with his dogs.

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