(Online) PHP and security with PHP South Africa

This month we have a joint meetup with PHP South Africa (https://www.meetup.com/php-south-africa), featuring two talks on PHP and security.


Talk 1: Tapiwa Maumbe

"Introducing ways to secure web application, covering server hardening, authentication, authorization, encryption (maybe POPIA), and other general security items. The focus is on web applications. I will end with my personal views on certain things."


Talk 2: Ismael Velasco

"Securing your CIDR ranges: a blagger's guide and sample validation app"

The talk would cover to some good practices in IP restrictions; an intro to CIDR ranges, and demo an IP access management app with CIDR validation, covering the validation rules involved.


Thank you to our sponsors:

- Lexis Nexis
- Twilio
- Oliver Davies Ltd


We *always* need more speakers! Volunteer to speak or request a topic: [masked] or #speaking in Slack

Join us on Slack, our online community: https://www.phpsouthwales.uk/slack.

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