(Online) Deployment of PHP-Apps with Docker

Following some great feedback from his recent talk at PHPUGFFM, we have invited Matthew Setter (@webdevwithmatt) to present his "Deployment of PHP-Apps with Docker" talk.


Building matching development and production environments - and any other environment for that matter - can often be a real challenge, which makes deploying PHP apps more difficult than it should be. But by using Docker Compose you can take a lot of the hassle away.

In this talk, you'll learn the essentials of how to develop and deploy PHP applications with Docker Compose, including how to build a development environment, how to build a production environment, how to do basic environment testing and debugging when things go wrong, as well as how to deploy applications, regardless of environment.

Some of the previous feedback:

> Very well prepared talk and demo about Docker. If you get a chance to sit in, do it!

> Can only recommend!


Thank you to our sponsors:

- Lexis Nexis
- Twilio
- Oliver Davies Ltd


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