Lightning Sessions

At this months PHP South Wales we have a treat for you!;

4 x 20 minute talks on different topics!

Talk 1: Delivering the Six Nations using WordPress & JAMStack

Daniel Drave is the Build Team Leader at Sotic. As chief engineer of Sotic's front-end stack he talks about how they delivered this year's Six Nations website using their WordPress framework. He discusses the challenges of delivering a high-traffic, high-profile website and the technical considerations we as engineers should think about when providing performant, scalable technical solutions.

Talk 2: Deploying PHP applications with Ansible, Ansible Vault and Ansistrano

We welcome back our regular speaker and co-organiser Oliver Davies who is now Senior Software Engineer at Inviqa. As well provisioning and maintaining your server configuration and running commands, you can also use Ansible to deploy your PHP application - leveraging relevant Ansible modules such as Git and Composer, custom Ansible roles, Ansible Vault for managing secrets, and features such as idempotency out of the box to build a simple deployment playbook.


Talk 3: Maintaining the chaos, automate your code quality

Most people know Steve McDougall as the organiser of PHP South Wales, but when he isn't organising meetups or being a dad he can be found working at local Digital Sports Agency Sotic; as their new Development Team Lead. Part of his job is to design modern architectures and API's to deliver statistics to the sports world, this means there is a lot of code and a lot that can go wrong. In this talk Steve will give an introduction to how you can maintain quality more autonomously with a small set of tools and better practices.

Talk 4: Hosting sports websites and automating SixNations

Dilwyn Reynolds is one of the DevOps Engineers at Sotic. Earlier this year Sotic built, hosted and managed the SixNations website. As a company they love a challenge so they also did the Welsh Ruby Union and Irish Rugby Union sites all at the same time. Because the sites have live scoring and constantly updating news stories they couldn't just cache everything. In this talk Dilwyn is going to work though how they handled the traffic, how they cached different parts of the sites in different ways and how they got through the whole SixNations with no public downtime even with massive traffic spikes.

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