(Online) "MySQL with Bell & Musical note" with Thomas Stone

For our second online meetup in 2022, we'll be joined by Thomas Stone.

We have space for a lightning talk if anyone wants to give a short talk on another PHP-related topic.

We will also have a prize to raffle during the event.


About Thomas:

South African lost in Amsterdam, he dabbles in security and has been involved in vulnerability disclosures with 3 different credit card processors (only one of them sent legal threats). Nowadays he spends most of his time now helping grow other developers at http://booking.com.



Dive into MySQL to explore our Cargo Culting behaviours and the inner workings of MySQL and some useful tricks you may not know about.
What happens when a table doesn’t have a primary key?
What does a sane primary key look like?
What is a clustered index?
How do indexes work?
How should I design my indexes and how do I know if they are actually being used?
What tools are there out there to make my life easier?


Thank you to our sponsors:

* Lexis Nexis
* Twilio
* Oliver Davies Ltd


We're always looking for talks from new or experienced speakers on PHP-related subjects.

Volunteer to speak or request a topic: [masked] or #speaking in our Slack group.

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