How to do more with PHPCS

This month with have Sarah Pantry from Automattic giving us a talk on PHPCS!

# A little about Sarah:

Coming from a self-taught background, Sarah got her first break into commercial development at a large London ISP when the dev manager found out everyone was playing an online PHP game she had co-written. After that, she worked at several agencies, developing sites for FTSE 250 clients, developing a love of WordPress, and working with Symfony. Now, as a developer on the VIP team at Automattic, she is responsible for looking after sites for many well-known global brands, as well as developer hiring for the team.

Outside the technical world, Sarah is a big fan of both beer and homebrewing. She is a qualified beer judge and enjoys teaching people about beer and brewing.

# What will she be talking about:

Whilst it started as a tool for checking coding standards compliance, PHPCS can be used for much more than that. On the VIP team, it’s used to help detect potential security and performance issues and maintain the quality of client codebases.
In this talk, we’ll discover what PHPCS is, how it works, what sets of rules are available for it, as well as integration with IDEs like PHPStorm. We'll also see how the partner script PHPCBF can help automatically fix many coding standard violations for you. And we’ll find out how it helps the VIP team protect client sites in real-world situations every day.

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