Web Security, Frameworks, HTTP Streams, Queues, Microservices and more!

This month we have Rob Wilson, senior PHP developer at Superdry, talking security. We also have the pleasure of Craig Marvelley, VP of Engineering at Bipsync, talking to us about Frameworks Microservices HTTP Streams Queues and more!

Rob Wilson's Talk:

Everyday, we are presented with news about a website, or service that has been "hacked". How can developers, and non-developers alike protect their applications and data from ending in such disasters?

Common mistakes are often made with applications that could lead the developer, and/or others to a security faux pas.

We'll dive into some of the best practices to follow to help prevent these, and what to do in case it does happen (spoiler: Dont Panic)

We'll discuss some real world examples of where mistakes have been made, and what we can learn from them.

You'll have a solid grounding in which you can protect your applications, your data, but most importantly; your sanity.

About Rob:

A senior PHP developer with over 15 years of experience in building web based applications, having worked for multiple companies ranging from small design agencies, to large international companies such as IBM.

He currently works for Superdry Plc, and over the past 9 years has helped them transform their eCommerce platform into a huge multi-channel enterprise.

Craig Marvelleys Talk:

PHP at Bipsync

Craig will give an overview of how PHP is used within Bipsync's tech stack. We'll talk about microservices, frameworks, streams, queues and more!

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