Interface segregation in PHP, Chatbots using PHP JavaScript and ChatScript

This month we have Dan Ackroyd giving his ExpoPHP talk on Interface segregation. Alongside Dan we have our regular Ismael Velasco, talking about Chatbots using PHP, JavaScript and ChatScript!

Using the Force (and ChatScript) to code high level chatbots:

What's the deal with chatbots: are they a passing fad or a trend to watch out for? What are the advantages and disadvantages of machine learning vs rule based systems? Is the Singularity gonna wipe us out tomorrow?

With little things like that out of the way, this talk will focus on introducing ChatScript, the gold standard in rule-based conversational NLP (natural language processing).

I'll demo how to build a chatbot of increasing sophistication, and how to interact with the growing cloud-based API ecosystem to leverage advanced chatbot functionality for a wide range of applications

The talk will be co-presented by Ismael Velasco and Luke Skywalker in his chatbot incarnation.

Interface Segregation in PHP:

When people give talks on the "S.O.L.I.D." design principles one of the letters that doesn't get enough attention is the "i" - the "interface segregation principle". This talk seeks to redress that imbalance by going into a bit more in-depth into:

* An introduction to interface segregation and an explanation of how it makes your code easier to test.
* Why in PHP we need to apply the principle more broadly, to make types be more specific, so that code is more reasonable.
* Me babbling on about emotions, and how good code is boring. Which is good!

About Dan:

Dan is the maintainer of the Imagick PHP extension and occasional contributor to PHP core. After making video games for Playstation, PCs and mobile phones, Dan moved into making websites where he is happiest making working as a backend PHP developer. Currently, Dan is launching which is aimed at making it possible for companies to support Open Source projects.

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