Monitoring as a First-Class Citizen

This month at PHP South Wales we have the pleasure of having Matthew Macdonald-Wallace talking to us all about Monitoring, and it's importance as a first class citizen.

The Talk:

"Trust me, our customers will tell us that the system has an issue long before any monitoring can..."

When Matt Wallace heard a senior developer say this nearly 10 years ago, he could hardly believe what he was hearing. Monitoring should *always* pick up issues quicker than your customers, and yet even in the age of NewRelic, DataDog, and Microsoft Insights there are a significant number of teams who only monitor whether their website is up or not.

In this talk Matt takes us through the different layers of monitoring, explores the differences between the types and acronyms, and explains why, regardless of where you work in the stack, you should be monitoring first and writing code second.

A little about Matt:

Currently running an IoT Consultancy specialising in advising, deploying, and supporting low-cost long-range rural IoT Networks, Matt has nearly 20 years experience in the IT Industry in both the Dev and Ops fields, as well as 8 years trying to get the two sides to talk to each other under the "DevOps" approach to work.

He's well aware of the pain of deploying code that's been thrown over the wall because it "worked on your machine", and is equally guilty of writing code and insisting on the latest versions of the language engine being installed in production to run it.

Based in Monmouth with his family, Matt is on a mission to help people collect data about the world around them, and make better decisions as a result.

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