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Building a VS Code extension & Building a realtime dashboard powered by livewire

This month we have 2 talks lined up for you!

Our first speaker is a regular attendee at our user group, Jamie Callis (@O_JDesign) giving us a talk on Building a VS Code extension.

Our second speaker is everyones favourite Laravel Package developer, Freek Van der Herten (@freekmurze) giving us a talk on Building a realtime dashboard using Laravel and Livewire.


Journey of building Laravel’s first entity relationship (ER) diagram visual studio code extension.


Database Types & Design first APIs using Stoplight Studio

This month we have Mark Taylor (@willCodeForAle on twitter) Lead Architect at DealTrak, giving us a talk about all the different database types available to you as a PHP developer.

We also have Phil Sturgeon (@philsturgeon on twitter) Developer Relations at Stoplight and API guru, giving us a talk about how you can go design first for your APIs using Stoplight Studio and OpenAPI.


Different Types of Database:


Laravel base setup & Modern monoliths with Livewire

Continuing with the online meetups, we have Christopher Pitt (assertchris) giving a talk about Laravel Livewire.

Talk description:

I'm tired of trying to make heads or tails of modern JavaScript frameworks, and how they distract me from working on the features I'm interested in. If you feel he same way, you're in for a treat.

I'm going to show you how good your life can be, using Livewire; by building a thing before your very eyes.


Remote ElePHPants - Feature Flags and Text Editors

With the current COVID-19 situation, we're not able to meet face-to-face this month, so we're instead going to be doing a meetup via Zoom (loaned to us by Cal Evans and Day Camp for Developers).

As well as the talks from Michael and Ian, we have two digital copies of Matthias Noback's Object Design Style Guide book to raffle.

LIGHTNING TALK - My experience using PhpStorm after two years of VS Code, Michael Pritchard

A comparison of PhpStorm and VS Code.

SECOND TALK - Fun with Flags, Ian Jenkins

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