Back to the Future in Software Architecture & Visual Studio Code - Remote dev

This month we have regular attendee and speakers Ismael giving us a fantastic talk he has been working on, also we have regular attendee and first time speaker Marek Varga giving us a great talk and insight into remote development. With pizzas and beers this one's going to be good! We will be starting the talk at around 18:30, but will be at the venue at around 18:00 for beers and networking.


Back to the Future in Software Architecture: When OOP and Design Patterns First Met

Imagine being today’s brash young Web Development, jumping into a time travelling DeLorean and finding yourself in 1994, the year your parents, OOP and Design Patterns, got married and conceived you. Less than a year later, baby Web Dev was born with the release of PHP, Java, Ruby, JavaScript and the first full standards for HTML and HTTP.

What can we learn in our modern ecosystem from the original design thinking behind today’s design patterns?

Second Talk - Marek

Visual Studio Code - Remote Development & Live Share

A brief introduction into Microsoft's vision of development environments of the future. Showcase of how Microsoft and Facebook are returning back to editing code directly on a server and why it makes more sense than using docker on your own computer. Plus showcase of an easy way on helping your colleagues with their code without leaving your desk or getting their docker image.

We would like to thank our sponsors LexisNexis for providing pizza and beer for the event, as well as Bipsync for being our always greatful hosts! Also a huge thank you to Techire who as well as helping with our organisation, are also providing this months mystery raffle prize!

If you would like to speak at a future meetup, please reach out to me (Steve) or any of the other organisers - we would love to have talks of any topic and from any experience level!

## How to get to Bipsync UK

Address: Unit 10, Stadium Plaza, Wood Street, Cardiff, CF10 1LA

We are based in the same building as the Vue cinema by Cardiff Central station. If you go into the cinema foyer entrance, there are a set of double doors to your left. Through there is a lift, take that to floor 3a, and in front of you will be two sets of double doors.

Go through both sets of double doors and walk to the end of the empty space and you'll see our office in the corner.

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