(Online) GitHub Actions for PHP

This month we have Ryan Chandler joining us to give a talk on GitHub Actions for PHP Applications, covering the basics of getting a pipeline set up with a MySQL database, static analysis, code formatting & linting, testing, etc. We've had various discussions in Slack about GitHub Actions so I hope that this will be interesting and useful for people.

Ryan is also preparing and recording a course on GitHub Actions, which you can find at https://actions-for-php.com.


We still have space for a short or lightning talk this month. If you'd like to volunteer and speak, please get in touch.


Thank you to our sponsors:

- Lexis Nexis
- Twilio


We *always* need more speakers! Volunteer to speak or request a topic: [masked] or #speaking in Slack

Join us on Slack, our online community: https://www.phpsouthwales.uk/slack.

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